'Cheltenham Special'

The ‘Cheltenham Special’ will work in broadly the same way that the current tipping operates…

The Cheltenham festival runs from Tuesday 13th March to Friday 16th March.
The final declarations for the majority of the races (excluding the Grade 1 contests) will be released just before noon, on the previous day.
‘Day of the race’ prices (as opposed to ante-post prices) for all of the following days races, will be released by bookmakers throughout the afternoon/early evening
I will spend the 4 afternoons before the race days, going through the runners, trying to find tips for the following day.
I will send these tips, as and when I find them, provided the majority of bookmakers have priced up the races.
I expect that most tips will be sent early evening – though it is possible that one or two might be sent during the afternoon.
All of the tips that are going to be issued, will be issue by 7:00 in the evening (as all of the bookmakers will have priced up all of the races by that point).

From 7:00 in the evening onwards, I will work on my write ups for the next day (selection rationale).
I would expect to complete this by mid-night – but it is unlikely it will be much before then !
As soon as it has been completed, I will email the write up to anyone who has subscribed to ‘the Special’.
The write up will not go onto the blog until that days racing has finished.
Also, I will not produce any ‘race reviews’, as I simply won’t have the time (though I may mention the odd thing in the write ups for the next day).
The write ups will contain my opinion on each of the following days races – along with justification for any tips in the various races.

I would expect to tip in most of the races – and may tip multiple horses in some races. I will use my normally range of staking (0-3pts) so would expect to stake between 30 and 40 points across the 4 days.
The racing is extremely competitive and I won’t be tipping many favourites ! Therefore there is a chance that you could lose all 30-40points (I obviously hope this won’t happen – but it must be considered a possibility).
I would therefore suggest that you consider making the value of a ‘Cheltenham special’ point, half the value you currently use for a standard TVB point.

If you would like to subscribe to the ‘festival special’, then you will need to make a payment of £10 before next weekend (10th March).
Payment can be made via 2 methods:

Direct Bank Transfer (preferred)

If you have access to online banking in the UK, it should be relatively easy to make a payment via a direct bank transfer.
If you use this option, you will need the following information:

Sort Code: 110070
Account Number: 10048062

Please make sure that you identify yourself when making the payment (name or email address) so that I know who has sent the money.

Paypal (if direct bank transfer is not possible)

If you are unable to use direct bank transfer, then I will accept payment via Paypal.
The main issue with this method, is that Paypal will charge commission, so although you may pay £10, I won’t receive the full amount !

If you have to use this method, then please send money to the Paypal account:

Again, please make sure that you identify yourself when making the payment.

Just to re-iterate: I cannot guarantee that the tips over the 4 days will make a profit (in fact, I cannot guarantee that they won’t all lose !). If you choose to subscribe to the special, then you must do so, being fully aware of this possibility.
At a cost of £2:50 a day, people need to be realistic with their expectation – and make sure that they stake any tips accordingly.
What I will guarantee, is that I will produce 4 informative, entertaining previews – which will be with you late evening, before the race day.
Hopefully these previews will help you to get a little more from the 4 race days – and who knows, they may just possibly enable you to end up a little wealthier (though no guarantees ;) )