Sunday, 18 March 2012

Maruary monthly summary

It might seem a little over the top producing a monthly report for the final ’month’ of the TVB project and a closing report – but that’s what I intend to do.
I’ve produced monthly reports for all of the previous months, so for consistency, I want to produce one for 'Maruary'.
Diligent readers will recall that Maruary is the month I created, to cover the final 2 weeks of February (the bad weather scuppered all racing during the first 2 weeks of the month) and the first 2 weeks of March (obviously, my tipping came to an end after Cheltenham).

So, the headline figures for the final month:

28 selections (in 27 races)
30.25pts staked
7pts profit (so an ROI of 23%)

There were less selections and less points staked in this month, than there had been in any of the previous 3…
This was due, in the main, to there being less days in this fictitious month – and also to me virtually stopping tipping during the week before Cheltenham.

Looking at the number in more detail there were just 5 selections placed first or second. This is just 18%, which is a fair bit below the target of 25%
Fortunately, 3 of the 5 were winners, so this helped with the profit..
A further 3 finished third and 3 finished fourth, meaning that 11 of the 28 were placed.
This gives a placed percentage of around 40% - which is a bit lower than I would like, but not a disaster…
Average odds of selections were, like last month, just below 13/1…
The ratio of price taken to BSP was very high. If you had simply backed all selections at advised prices, to advised stakes and then layed off at BSP, you would have made 11.7pts profit !
On only 30.25pts staked, that is a phenomenal return (38%), for virtually no risk.

The most notable aspect of the month compared to the others, is that the staking wasn’t good…
This is the only month of the 4, where a greater profit would have been achieved by playing with a level stake (that would have yielded 18pts profit).
There were four 2 point bets during the month (non larger than that) and whilst 3 of the 4 were placed, non of them won…

So on balance, Maruary can go down as a reasonable month – were the strike rate was fine, but the staking not so good…

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